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Moving Past Sesame Street

We nearly made it to the two-year mark before allowing Katie to watch television, as we tried to follow the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatricians on babies and television because, well, I’m THAT mom.

We caved at 20 months when she still wasn’t talking, as we were desperate and thought it might help (plus, we’re human and just needed an hour of coffee time in the morning!).  For the most part, we limit her to an hour of tv each day, which has been All Elmo, All the Time.  (I have issues with Elmo, but that’s for another post.)

Well, we’ve now reached the point where Sesame Street just isn’t teaching her anything new and she’s growing increasingly bored (read: that hour of coffee time is being seriously jeopardized).

She’s almost three, knows all of her letters and what they say and can count to twenty. Can anyone recommend some commercial-free programs with an emphasis on learning?  Please?  I really need that hour!

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