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How to Break Up with Your Hair Stylist in 10 Easy Steps

Step One:  Bitterly exit salon, with horrible haircut, intense nausea, and receipt for $160, clenched in hand.

Step Two: Vow to NEVER see stylist again.

Step Three:  Put “find new stylist” on to-do list.

Step Four: When roots appear, Google regrowth, roots, and celebrities and try to convince yourself that Jessica Simpson and Sarah Jessica Parker get away with this all the time.

Step Five: Remember that you are not a celebrity.

Step Six: Make appointment with crappy stylist because you weren’t motivated enough to find a new one.

Step Seven: Incredulously watch stylist text, pluck her own eyebrows, and tell you about all of the guys she has “hooked up with” while your highlights are over processing.

Step Eight: Repeat Step One

Step Nine: Suck it up and book appointment with complete stranger at the same salon.

Step Ten: Leave appointment with a great cut and color,  a receipt for a third less than you paid the old stylist, and a huge sigh of relief.

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