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Moving Day

Yesterday was moving day here on in these small moments!

We’ve moved over here:

so that we can stretch out a bit.

So, if you’ve bookmarked us here, be sure to check your bookmarks

to be sure that they’re pointing you in the new direction.

Also, if you grabbed our feed, please grab the new one!

Come on over!  It’s cozy over there!  I can’t wait to welcome you.


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Missed Kisses

I am so absolutely grateful that I am able to stay home with my children while they are small.  I appreciate this opportunity to be with them day in and day out, for every smile, all of the giggles, and the constant changes.

But today?  Today has not been fun.

Since early this morning, one of my children has been crying at any given moment.  And at times, they’ve cried in chorus.  I’m not sure what’s going on.  But I do know that I feel like I’m going a bit crazy.

It’s a vicious circle I think…they cry, and I get tense and impatient, which they pick up on, and they cry more.  Now they are both finally napping and here I sit. Crying.

There are times when I don’t handle things as well as I could and that guilt always creeps up on me, takes up residence in my heart, and gets cozy when they sleep. 

An example?  In order to go anywhere, we have to pass a park that Katie always points out.  She waves and blows kisses to the park EVERY TIME we pass it.  It’s so cute that we’ve actually video taped it so that we never forget the innocence and happiness that she radiates in that moment.

Well, today on the way home from swimming lessons, she was exhausted and didn’t notice when we passed the park until we were about a mile past it.  Then came the tears and the pleas to turn the car around so that she could blow kisses.  It would have taken me 4 additional minutes to indulge her, but I drove on, telling her that we had to get home for lunch and she would have to make up for it tomorrow. 

We came home and she cried for a half an hour.  Now, I’m not a novice, I know when I’m being played and that wasn’t the case.  She was genuinely heartbroken and the sobbing was out of control.  Then, Matthew, the sensitive soul that he is, began crying in a show of solidarity and it all just felt overwhelming.

So now I’m sitting here, regretting the way I handled it.  And I’m thinking that in that moment, I wasn’t really present.  I was going through a list in my head of all of the things that I needed to do.  I just shrugged off something that was important to her.  Something that would have been so easy to remedy.

When she wakes up?  We’re getting in the car.

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Bittersweet Changes

Dear Sweet Matthew,

When Katie was a baby, I delayed solids until I felt increasing  pressure from others to introduce her to cereal.  I held my ground until she was 8 months old, when I caved because her pediatrician suggested that I have her iron levels tested.  The thought of a blood draw was enough for me to cringe and immediately introduce her to cereal. 

Though she liked eating and did well, I have always second guessed that decision and wondered if I should have held out a bit longer.  Before you were born, I decided that I would wait until you were 12 months old to begin solids. 

For the past couple of weeks, you have been wanting to nurse every two hours and have seemed truly unsettled after nursing.  You have also begun waking up at 5:30 every morning to nurse.  You’ve been crying so often and lunging for me, hoping to eat.

So, after a great deal of internal debate, we did this:

And you absolutely loved it. 

You get so excited when we place you in your high chair.  You smile between every bite and you are happier throughout the entire day.  You were hungry and it breaks my heart that my determination to make it to a certain date kept me from doing what was right for you earlier than I did. 

As much as I know that you were ready for solids, I can’t express how sad it makes me.  You are quite possibly our last baby and with each milestone that you reach, you are less my baby. 

Nursing is such an emotional experience, one that unites us in such an amazing way.  And if I’m honest, I have to admit that I like that I have been giving you something that no one else could.  We never gave you a bottle, so every single bit of your nourishment up to this point has come directly from me. 

You were 8 months and 12 days old when you first had cereal. 

And for 8 months and 12 days, I could look at you and know that it was my milk that helped you to grow and to thrive.

I love you, Matthew, and I am so grateful for the connection that we have.  I promise to always do what is best for you, even if it isn’t the easy choice for me.

With love and snuggles,


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Knees of a New Crawler


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Throwing Caution to the Wind

Craig and I strive to make healthy food choices for our children.  We realize that it is our responsibility to ensure that they have a healthy attitude toward food and that they make good choices as they grow older.  We’re teaching Katie about serving sizes, which nutrients she gets from each of her foods, and why some foods aren’t great choices. 

Having said that, we’ve relaxed the rules a bit this summer.  She had an ice cream cone last week, a lollipop the week before. 

We’ve come to realize that a large part of encouraging healthy eating habits is teaching her about moderation in all things.  We worry that if we don’t allow some small indulgences now, she may rebel when we aren’t with her.

So, with that, I present to you the following…

That right there?  That is a small moment.  A small moment of pure joy. 

Also?  A guarantee that for a few days, there will be no other treats.  😉


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Twitter Cheat Sheet

I am so excited that tomorrow is Monday (I honestly never thought I’d be able to say that), as I will be bringing you another installment of Small Moments Mondays

If you aren’t on Twitter, you really should be some of the terms in tomorrow’s post might be unfamiliar to you.

So, in preparation, I thought it might be helpful to offer you a bit of a cheat sheet for the Twitter vocabulary you’ll encounter.

But before I begin, if you aren’t sure what Twitter is all about or why you should even care,  How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live , explains it all quite well.

Here are some terms that you might find helpful when reading tomorrow’s post:

Tweet: a post with a maximum number of 140 characters.

DM, or Direct Message: a private message sent between two people.

Follow: When you follow someone, you are essentially subscribing to their tweets.  (Unlike Facebook, they do not need to accept a request, nor is the follow automatically reciprocal.)

And some general terms that you might find helpful should you decide to give Twitter a try:

RT, or retweet: the re-posting of a friend’s tweet.

Tweeps: a blend of twitter and peeps (people), a term used to refer to friends. 

Should you decide that Twitter is for you, check out this extensive Twittonary!

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Sometimes You Get the Opposite of What You Expect

I love my children.

I love playing, reading, and snuggling with them.

But you know what else I really love?  Naptime.

These moments allow me to rest and recharge for more playing, reading, and snuggling.

Matthew chose not to nap today.  It could be his teeth that are bothering him, or perhaps the ever-present reflux, but he absolutely refused to succumb to a good afternoon nap.

Fearing the worst–a crabby, clingy baby–I somewhat begrudgingly retrieved him from his bed. I was rewarded with hugs and smooches and we ended up having a wonderful time together.

He was calm and happy, interactive and pleasant.

Obviously, he and I don’t have as much time alone together as I had with Katie when she was small.  But this afternoon it was just the two of us.

It was one of those small moments that I speak about so often…and though I am still a huge fan of naps, I have to admit that having him all to myself wasn’t so bad.

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