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Pull Up a Chair…Fifteen Basic Table Manners for Children

I wasn’t terribly surprised by the incredible response that I got to a recent post, How Rude…Ten Basic Courtesies for Children.  It seems that we’re all just a little fed up with living in a society that puts little importance on common courtesies.  

I truly believe that manners must be instilled when children are young and if they aren’t practiced at home, they’re less likely to be used when away from home.  I cringe at the thought of my children being anything less than courteous and pleasant to others. 

How Rude…Ten Basic Courtesies for Children was by definition, quite basic.  I could have gone on for pages, my list is that long.  But, I thought I’d break my rants up into bite-sized pieces so that I don’t look like such a rigid crazy person. 

Becca, from bare feet on the dashboard asked that I offer up a list of basic table manners next.  Thanks for the suggestion, Becca.  Here you go: 

Basic Table Manners

(This is a rather long list for little guys; try choosing a few age appropriate manners from the list and once you’ve mastered them, add accordingly.) 

  1. Use your utensils.
  2. Sit up nice and tall. Don’t hunch and keep your elbows off the table. (Sitting up helps with digestion.)
  3. Don’t put too much food in your mouth at one time.
  4. Chew with your mouth closed.
  5. Never talk with your mouth full.
  6. Never burp at the table.  Enough said.
  7. Eat slowly, chewing your food fully. Wait a few seconds between bites.
  8. Don’t begin eating until everyone has been served.
  9. Don’t pick your teeth at the table.  Ever. 
  10. Don’t lick your fingers clean, always use your napkin.
  11. Keep your napkin on your lap.  (Your napkin should be used only to wipe your face and hands—never to wipe or blow your nose.)
  12. Do not stretch across another person to reach for something.  Politely ask for it to be passed to you.
  13. Always say thank you for your dinner. No matter how simple the meal, remember that it was made for you with love.
  14. If you are served something that you don’t like, keep that opinion to yourself.  Do not hurt the host’s feelings.
  15. Ask at least one other person a question about their day and really listen to their answer.

Next week, I’ll be offering up a list of restaurant manners, for your sake and mine!

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