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After I procrastinated over this section for far too long, Kris, fellow mommy blogger from Pretty All True,  gave me a huge shove and cornered me for the following interview:
There’s a new Mom blogger on the scene, and she is taking the internet by storm! Nichole is a busy woman these days, but she has managed to find a few moments to share some words of wisdom.  As I arrive for our appointment, Nichole greets me at the door with a welcoming smile and a plate of cookies.  Despite the early morning hour, she looks fresh and rested and (damn it) beautiful.  Her home is immaculate and tastefully decorated, and it smells of fresh cookies.  Nichole ushers me into the family room, and pours me a cup of freshly brewed coffee.  We begin.

Kris: Tell me a little bit about your family.

Nichole: I am incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to stay at home with our two children.  Most days this thrills me, on some rare occasions, it makes me a little loony, but I never wish it wasn’t so.

For how long have you been married?

Craig and I have been married for five years this August.

How many kids?

We have two.


Katie is almost three.  She is pure magic.  She is equal parts silly and reserved.  I see some of myself in her (her obsessive-conpulsiveness and her passion for reading) and bits of her father in her (her calm and happy demeanor and her ability to learn things in two seconds flat).

Matthew is five eight months old.  He is sweet and tender, demanding and surprising.  We’re still learning about him, but his warm, happy smile tells me that we have great stuff ahead.

Katie is everything I always knew that I needed and Matthew is exactly what I always needed, without knowing that I needed it.


We are in heavy negotiations to add a kitten to our currently animal-free zone.  This has the potential to be either the wisest or most horrific idea ever.

And a little about you?

I grew up in Maine and currently live in Northern California.  If I could take bits of each place and put them together, that is where I would choose to live.  I love the solid values I learned in Maine, but living in California has taught me to live a bit more in the moment.

Before I had my children, I was an English professor.  I taught Composition and Shakespeare, much preferring the latter.    I look forward to returning to it one day.



History of mental illness?

Nothing diagnosed.


I earned my B.A. in English from the University of Texas and then went on to earn my M.A. in English from California State University.

Most recent spectacular failure?

Convincing my husband that I need an iPad.  Any tips on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Baby.  Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Why have you decided to write a blog?

Having small children has proven so all-consuming that I am trying to carve out some time for myself.  Writing helps me to process what I’m thinking, as I often don’t entirely know what I feel until I sit down to write.  The irony in choosing my family for my subject matter is not lost on me.

What sorts of things do you plan on writing about?

Each and every day, I strive to appreciate the wonder, beauty, and whimsy in the small moments, the moments that, when strung together, form an entire childhood.  I hope to help others seek out and savor these moments in their own lives.

You will also find letters to my children sprinkled in here and there.  My father died when I was two years old and I’ve always wished that I could have known him.  I would have loved to be able to read his thoughts–about me, about his life, about the world.  These letters to my children reflect this loss and will be serious at times and silly at others.

I also hope to share the results of my intense need to research things to death.  I’d love to share what I learn with others.  Need a stroller?  I’ve done the research.  Need the perfect bedtime book?  I’ve got a recommendation.   Want a recipe for homemade organic baby food?  I’m your girl.

Is there anything that would be off limits for this blog?


What would that topic be?  Details, please.

Although my children will undoubtedly play a huge role in my writing, I won’t write about  exactly where we live, where they will go to school, or where we spend the bulk of our time.

Also, celery.

Imagine that your children are older and reading this blog without you.  What do you want them to take away from the experience?

I want my kids to know that I didn’t make any decisions without careful consideration.  I am cautious and deliberate; writing about them is no exception.

I also want them to know that every minute of their childhood is precious to me and that building happy memories for them to carry through life has been one of my priorities.

If you had to choose 5 words to describe yourself as a mother, what would those words be?

Thorough, tender, present, careful, and silly.

If you had to choose 5 words to describe yourself as a wife, what would those words be (no overlap with mother words, please)?

Loving, accepting, supportive, honest, and fun.  

What is the most important characteristic you look for in a friend?

A sense of humor is truly important, as I have a tendency to take life too seriously and have been known to see the glass as half empty at times.  A friend who can make me laugh helps to balance me out and to find humor in the everyday.

Describe a time when you were not a good friend, and how that made you feel.

I recently let a friend down when faced with a choice between following through on a long-standing committment to her and doing what I knew in my heart was right for my family.  I truly believe that if I always put my family first, my friends will respect my decisions, even if my actions are inconvenient to them at the time.

Who do you hope your readers will be?

In an ideal world, I am hoping for readers who will join a dialogue with me.  I’m hoping for feedback, suggestions, ideas, and general thoughts.   Telling me that I’m fabulous is always a bonus.

Describe the mom who drives you nuts . . . you know the one:

The mother who makes me craziest is the one who doesn’t wash her childrens’ hands before they eat, all the while lamenting the fact that they are always sick.  She is typically the same mother who is at the mall at naptime and is yelling at her children for acting out.  She makes me completely crazy.  Cause and effect, people, cause and effect.

Ladies and Gentlemen (really, mostly ladies) . . . keep your eyes on the internet!  Nichole is a woman to watch!


11 responses to “About Me

  1. My favorite about page is one in which the blogger completely made up an interview she had done with a reporter.

    My favorite exchange:

    Do you like ham?
    Yes, I love ham!

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  3. So glad I stopped by your blog!

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  5. I think I have found my sister from anotha motha..ok that totally does not rhyme, but we sound very similar. As do our first born girls..wow.
    And the whole gender blog..I have felt those same emotions..yet my child was the 2nd girl, rather than the boy that (secretly) longed for.
    I look forward to getting to know you more!

  6. I love the idea of being interviewed for your
    “about me” page. Very creative and feels more personal.

  7. I’m big on life’s little moments (perhaps why I’m an obsessive photographer). For some reason I always think about my possible death when I take pictures, how they will remain as a testament of my adoration of them (the kids, not the pictures).

    Love interview idea, and the interview itself. love the 5 word descriptions (not sure the 5 words that describe me would be so … kind)

    • The interview was all Kris’ idea. She is simply a genius.
      Remember, I chose those five words. If someone else chose them, they might be quite different! 😉

  8. You had ladies, now you have a gentleman. Glad to have found you. P.S. I live in “Northern California” as well.

  9. Just popping by to say hello. I love your blog and will also be attending SITS Bloggy Boot Camp in SF. Also a Northern CA resident…English degree…Look forward to reading your blog!

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