Knees of a New Crawler



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27 responses to “Knees of a New Crawler

  1. OMG! Terribly cute! Aren’t the little chunkiness in the legs the cutest? You just want to bite them! Sorry, I love my babies and just don’t want them to ever lose that baby fat. Hey, you shot this with Camera+? How cool are you??

    • I bought the Camera+ app right after you recommended it and I am in love. I can’t believe how much it can do.

      The chunkiness is so cute. Katie is all long and lean now and there are times when I could just cry at how big she’s gotten.

      I’d keep them babies forever if I could just figure out how to pause time. Any tips? 😉

  2. Awwwwww.

    Love those red crawling knees!

    So cute.

  3. My sons knees are the exact same way! 🙂

    • Rough on both of us.
      He pulled up on a chair the other day, lost his balance, and got his first bruise. I was just sick about it!
      Rough, indeed!

  4. Rebecca

    Awww, I miss these days! Look at those delicious little fat rolls…

  5. SO cute! I bet he’s enjoying his new independence!

    • Funny you say that, because he is so much happier now. He’s so curious about everything and doesn’t want to be held back.

      My biggest fear is that he’ll be walking soon! Heaven help me!

  6. Oh, ouchy! It’s so fun to watch them crawl isn’t it?

    • It really is. He figured it out last week but only crawled for about fifteen minutes and then didn’t budge all weekend. Then, on Monday, he was off like a rocket and is pulling up on everything. I can’t turn my back for a second.

  7. LOL-you might want to try these:

    or this:

    or just babylegs

    There used to be a site that sold stretchies with grips on the knees but the site is not working.

    Cute little knees.

  8. Hmm…my knees look like that after running.

    And I really don’t fall down all that often.

    I must be doing it wrong.

  9. Once my son became mobile he was so much happier. Just wait until she is walking- you are in for a real treat!

    • I absolutely refuse to even think about him walking.

      His sister walked at 10 months, so my days might be numbered, but I’m in no rush! I can barely get anything done now.

      I’m throwing in the towel when he starts walking! 🙂

  10. look at those little chubber leggies! LOVE it! And I remember E’s knees looking like that just a few short months ago. it’s all feet now. sigh…

  11. Poor little knees. They’ll probably be black and dirty soon too. So cute!

    • Okay, you’re going to think that I’m completely crazy, but I have photos from the day that we let Katie get dirty for the FIRST time. She was 14 months old. And I’m not joking. We were camping and getting dirty was unavoidable.

      But, I have a feeling that with a baby boy, I’m in for a completely different experience! 🙂

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