The Biggest Mistake I’ve Made Lately…

…was downloading the Little Miss Spider Tea Party app for my iPad.

Now, all I hear is, “I need my iPad, Mommy.”



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12 responses to “The Biggest Mistake I’ve Made Lately…

  1. Haha, so cute, it’s a puzzle she’s doing so it’s educational right? And I am not completely coveting your Ipad… I’m not I’m not I’m not.

  2. That’ll learn you!

    I took my 4yo to the Apple store last week and she found a Super Why game on one of the iPads and said “I want this mommy”. Me too little one, me too.

    • I know, right!?
      I caved and downloaded it after five days at the hotel with not enough toys. It’s actually a cool app. I have purposely not told her about Super Why for the iPad, because then I’d never get a turn!

  3. She’s so cute! I’d have a hard time deciding – happy kid, or use my iPad myself?

  4. And yet again….envious of a four-year-old.

    *le sigh*

    • I’ve never seen such a great motivational tool, though.
      Wanna use the iPad? Okay, eat your chicken.
      Wanna play on the iPad? Okay, pick up your toys.
      It’s really a win/win. 😉

  5. Jim

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to have an iPad stolen by a toddler. If my daughter wanted it, she should have sold HER soul to the devil (my wife).

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