Reason #26 Why Having a Preschooler Rocks

We had a tea party that lasted all morning long.

Katie dreamed up the menu…

…kept my cup full…

…and gave me memories that will last a lifetime.

She’s a delightful host, that Katie.

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7 responses to “Reason #26 Why Having a Preschooler Rocks

  1. Ooh, I could totally go for a tea party right now. And it seems those cups are actually empty, which would be awesome, as I don’t drink tea. Talk about a win-win.

  2. That’s so sweet! I love love love pre-schoolers, and she’s a gorgeous one, for sure!

    • Thank you!

      This was the highlight of my week. She was sweet, loving, silly, and affectionate.

      I couldn’t have asked for a better tea party companion.

  3. Janelle

    What fun!!!

  4. Nancy MacDonald

    What fun!

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